Notan structure with ink

Learn to draw in a way you never thought possible

The notan is a Japanese term which means ‘light dark harmony’ and it is not to be mistaken for light and shadow structures. THe second one merely collecting data from the subject and it is rather a scientific approach. The first one on the other hand conveys an impression that represents beauty.

The good notan structure neglects details, simplifies and grows in power.

A notan can be 2 or 3 value composition. The 2 tone arrangements are really hard to create. Shows a compressed, also complex knowledge of the artist’s ability of seeing.
The most powerful black and white arrangements of all times the ancient symbols of human history.


The secret of these designs is to concentrate on the arrangement, not on the correctness. While you are drawing you are interpreting the subject in a very broad way. Select, reject and only keep the essentials, instead of struggling with the details.