M I L K  B O T T L E,   V A S E  A N D  B E G O N I A

12” X 12”

Oil on Canvas

Custom Framed


I have been painting still lifes and roses now for more than two years. It has just popped before my eyes, I am always composing 3 objects. Something to do with number three or Trinity? I was wondering?Is that my wish for a child or my deep engagement to Art?  

Anyway this painting meant to be an indirectly painted piece, with a monochrome layer and a few colourful layers…

But, again, a happy accident. I fell in love with the dynamic brushstrokes, so I stopped it quickly. I’m glad I’ve learned not to overdo things. Simple notes are more effective. 

A Little bit of Italy




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Design: David H

Copyright @ 2020 Beatrix Fekete