d o l l s  b e s i d e  m y  b e d 

12” x 12”

Oil on Canvas

Custom framed


It was a bright, sunny morning in Lucan. I set up on my bed,  laid an eye on my dolls beside my bed then with a sudden urge I decided to paint them. To do this was rather a crazy idea. Painting without any preparation or consideration.That brings you nowhere. I know that for long. Tough time was expected.     

But I just kept focusing and I repeated to myself: Old dolls have a very significant value for me, the maker sewed her care into the doll. I want that feeling in my painting. I want that on my painting. So then I just completed the piece.

The objects are from the local shops. In the background is my scarf, the red base is my suitcase. It is a random set up after moving to a new place but before tidying up.

A Little bit of Italy




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Design: David H

Copyright @ 2020 Beatrix Fekete