B E G O N I A  I N  A  W H I T E  V A S E

12” x 12”

Oil on canvas

Custom framed


Kildare Gallery (Carton House)

One of the biggest challenges for an artist is to achieve three dimensions on the flat canvas. We call this ‘turning form’. To understand ellipses and to paint smooth graduation requires a lot of skills. I wanted  to get better on this topic so badly. 

So I had lengthy conversations with my artist friends and I read a few articles in relation to this topic. Then I just practiced. 

After painting twenty or even more single eggs and numerous plastic balls I felt more comfortable painting this little white vase. 

More practice needed I guess but I just love the elegance of this composition. The way a man-made object clashes with a natural form.

A Little bit of Italy




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Design: David H

Copyright @ 2020 Beatrix Fekete