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Drawing on the right side of the brain beginner drawing class 21/22 May

I had a wonderful time with 6 students. Drawing on the right side of the brain 21/22 May 2016 Sheila, Melinda, Balazs, Marion, Tunde and Emily. This was our first time to enjoy the class in a new artistic environment in Block T.              

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Dummas’ Camille

Dumas' Camille was drawn last night. Self portrait, Size 40/30 charcoal and white pencil on brown paper.   My purpose for this year is to draw as many clothes as I can. ...and learn to draw and paint arms and the human body. I definitely will start with the drawing. I wont change my artistic material for a while. I can say finally I feel comfortable with the equipment that I have. I draw on grey or brown paper value 5. Start with the blacks, I don't bother much about the dark parts I focus on the light areas and the middle values. I find a great challenge to read the middle tones. I presume you can call yourself advance artist if you can read the middle tones easily. I also started a spiritual gurney couple of years ago. Practicing breathing  exercise  and applying positive attitude into my  every day life changed my drawing and paintings completely. My inner piece has started to come through my drawings and painting which gives me a cheer delight.  

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Self portrait/ Oil on board 40/30 cm 10/11/2015

  This colour study is a miles stone in my painting practice. I spent 2015 to learn how to measure properly and observed numerous painting looking for strong  composition ideas. I am pleased with the size and the place of the head on this board. I also delighted with the brushwork that kind of have certain rhythm and movement. I also delighted to colours that I combined here. Raw umber, Vasari black, yellow ocher, and alizarin crimzon. That I definitely have to work on are the values and to be more accurate around the lip and spend more time to observe the forehead perhaps. I will keep this piece, just to remember the goals that I have already achieved.

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Flower in a little pot

      Simplify! This days my main goal to see things really simple. If I see a beautiful rose the temptation is really big to draw little petals, thorns and so on. It is recommended to start with the big shapes and move to the details later on. It make sense to keep the whole picture on the same level. Also a good advice to decide at the beginning what do you want to focus on. You pay attention to that part and blur the rest of it.

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Turning forms

I had to draw very simple form such as eggs, potatoes,  vases and so on back is school. I didn't really understood why it is so important until now. Yes I did understood that if I put beside each other different greys it will become 3D. But the main reason it this exercise was important because this one turn actually appears on a piece of cloths which is hanging on tha wall -5 -6 times so once u learn how to draw simple forms you realize more complicated forms are just repetitions or combinations of simple forms . I also  thought it is actually easy to create transitions different tones with pencil I just have to rub the graphite into the paper,  but I wasn't entirely delighted with the result. From the distance it didn't appeared right. Then I realized it is actually not the right method to achieve the best result. You only just have to put the different greys beside each other very gently and not to rub it together. It gives a very special vibrancy to the drawing from the distance.  Which is really beautiful. Although it requires lots of practice to figure it out what pressure to use for each value. What I try this days to create maximum 9 values and simplify. we shouldn't pay to much attention to the dark area and we suppose to analyze the light area more. Beginners can't read middle tones well. So simplify, measure, recognize middle values, listen to the light areas and don't rub the graphite. Start on white paper than move to colorful paper.

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First slide show Bargue Master Copies 2014 Charcoal on Fabriano paper

Beside all the drawings I also learn designing my new website using the renowned Wordpress program. I am actually surprised how much help I am getting from the Customer Support of The Register365. I think I have already written 5 letters to them and every second day they are ready with the help. I highly recommend them everyone that want to set up they own website. They are honestly do a great job. This slideshow is the very first one. Something new just before Valentine's day 2015.

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