3 W H I T E  R O S E S  F R O M  S T.  H E L E N  R A D I S S O N  H O T E L  1.


12” X 12”

Oil on Board

Custom Framed


Kildare Gallery (Carton House)

The Radisson Hotel has a unique rose garden. One of the oldest and biggest in Dublin. The gardener was out of town for a fall break and when he returned he saw, the Princess Diana rose tree broke in the wind. Sad it was.

I painted those flowers just to say ‘Goodbye’ to the plant. This painting is painted with Alla Prima style which means it was done in one sitting. 

I made numerous sketches beforehand because I wanted brave, fat, confident brushstrokes on the piece expressing the delicacy.This painting is about FREEDOM and FLUIDITY. It was easy to paint because  I’ve had a clear design on my mind even before I started it.

A Little bit of Italy




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Design: David H

Copyright @ 2020 Beatrix Fekete